iDM : Return On Investment

Last week or so I had Wild Bill over to assist with the install of iDM and it has been purring away for over a week now handling requests from all our branch offices.

Over the week it has processed over 100 requests, from new users, user deletes and group management requests. Normally all these requests would be reported to our helpdesk, logged onto the helpdesk call tracker system and then sent over to the Notes admin team for manual processing. Now the IT staff in the branch offices just enter their requests into iDM and they are processed within 20 minutes.

That’s less work for the helpdesk guys in logging the calls and less work for the Notes admin team for manually carrying out the requests and with 100 requests a week you can quickly see how iDM pays for itself fairly quickly. Instead of working on ID requests I can now concentrate on other projects.

If you haven’t seen iDM yet then I would really recommend that you check it out…

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