Lotus Workplace Web Content Management V2

The new version of ILWWCM is now available on the PartnerWorld website with a hefty download size of 265Mb for the Domino based edition.

I can’t see a lot of changes over the previous version apart from the fact that there are a lot more languages available for it. now. Unfortunately all the languages are in separate database templates which is a pity as with the globalisation features of Domino being so powerful that you can have multiple languages within the same database it would be nice to offer a native language interface to my endusers using just a single database. Looks like they will be stuck with English for the time being.

We are currently investigating this product as the replacement system for our current CMS. So far it has been easy to setup and there are a few things in the setup that could be automated via agents but getting your head around how all the page design components fit together is another mater.

ILWWCM does need more documentation so you can get up to speed as quickly as possible otherwise it will become a product that will be purchased as a good idea and then end up sitting on a shelf until somebody goes on a few training courses. Simple instructions for creating common components would be nice. Fortunately I still have the IT Jumpstart database from Aptrix which basically contains a fully functional website and using that as a starting point is a great way of learning how ILWWCM works. It’s a pity that IBM have gotten rid of this offering, even for licensed deployments like mine.

Expect to see the rest of the WorkPlace V2 products appearing for download really soon.

Oh, and talking of globalisation… I’ve been using the Global Designer Workbench for the past few weeks to globalise a few databases. It crashes a lot unfortunately so lots of time wasted in restart Notes. I’d love to see this functionality built directly into the designer client. set the reference language, being able to set in the design element’s properties if the element should be tagged and having a built languages button that strips out the non-reference language elements and then rebuilds them within the same template… Is it too late to add this to the R7 wishlist ?

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5 comments on “Lotus Workplace Web Content Management V2
  1. The problem with Designer workbench (in addition to the chrashes) is that the domino apps are becoming slow if you have many languages in there.


  2. Chris says:

    Any chance you would be willing to share the Jumpstart product – can’t find it anywhere since IBM took over and I just got the silly thing installed and am not sure what to do with it. It would be helpful if I could start out with some templates. Thanks!


  3. RAMA says:

    Need yr help, can u pls help to share the aptrix jumpstrat database, thx in advance. Could not locate it on IBM site.
    Best Regds


  4. K… I’ve searched the world over and thought I found true love.. nah… just looking for the JumpStart for the Domion Edition of Workplace Web Content Manager. Can’t seem to find it anywhere. I read here, that you happen to have it. Any chance on sharing? I am new to LWWCM, but not new to Domino. Any help would be appreciated.




  5. Sebastian says:

    Hi! Like the other people said, i am also looking for the JumpStart package made by Aptrix. Is there any chance you could send me a copy? Thanks in advance. Regards.


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