Still Alive and Great Hint

Yes, I’m still alive. I’ve just been up to my eyes with work, traveling all around the world deploying new Domino servers. I’ve been working at my present place of employment for 12 months now and in that time we have deployed 30 Domino servers spread over 13 different locations around the world ( including Hong Kong, Tokyo, New York, Ireland, UK and mainland Europe) , over 1000 clients, IBM Lotus Web Content Managment Server, Sametime, and even some Domino Workflow applications. It’s been a busy 12 months but well worth it, we have a mail and application infrstructure that has had 100% uptime over the past 6 months and people within the company are starting to realise how much benefit can be gotten from replicated applications and discussion databases.

So looking for a great hint? Well when we originally deployed the system above we rolled out Lotus Notes 6.0.2CF2 to the desktop as that was the latest available version. When 6.5 came out I upgraded our hub server and when 6.5.1 came out I upgraded the rest of the servers. We are now in the planning stage to replace the notes client on the desktop with the 6.5.x client but before I start this rollout I’ve been making sure of one thing…

All applications that are being developed and all current applications that are out there are being upgraded to include the SameTime online functionality where possible. I believe that this will be a big win for IT as when the new version of Notes gets rolled out to all the users they will instantly see the Online Status in all their applications. So if your thinking of going to 6.5.x then get the developers up to speed today and get those applications prepared before the rollout.

Anyway, back to work for me… See you in another few weeks

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3 comments on “Still Alive and Great Hint
  1. Mike Reyher says:

    Will buddy presence and chat work in the Mac Client?


  2. Bruce Elgort says:

    You should also analyze any additional traffic placed on your network with all these new features too big D.


  3. The old git says:

    Declan! I was really starting to worry that you’d popped your clogs and shuffled off this mortly coil. Even worse, I thought there’s be no “Jagermeister and Red Bull” drink at Lotusphere next January!!


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