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The more I play with IBM Lotus Workplace Web Conect Management the more I can see how powerful this product is. One strong point that I have to commend the product on is the ability to create page templates with most of the default fields filled in and hidden so that endusers who need to create new content can just select the correct template and their document will appear in the correct portion of the site.

As I have said before documentation is very thin on the ground so I’d recommend that you spend at least three weeks just putting together mock sites and get used to the methods used within the application before starting any serious projects.

LWWCM was created during a time when using tables for layouts was the done thing but I have found that if you turn off the automatic table generation and switch items like navigators and menus into freestyle mode then you can easily do your layouts in CSS. One 3 column CSS layout that I have found to work perfectly with LWWCM is the one described in the A List Apart article called Creating Liquid Layouts With Negitive Margins which includes a footer section that always clears the longest of the 3 columns.

One thing I would love to figure out is how to integrate a site with my Single Sign On infrastructure. If the user is logged in then display certain things but if not then either display nothing or display a login box. I’m sure this is possible using a Conditional Block using LotusScript to figure out if the user is logged in or not but without documentation I don’t even know where to start…

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  1. Bruce Perry says:

    Have you seen the draft IBM red book on LWWCM? It’s available here ->,java

    yes, a very messy URL, but worth the trip and download. It’s a better organized version of the older documentation.

    I have a number of older LWWCM docs (Aptrix 4.1 actually), including

    User guide
    Advanced user guide
    Deployment guide
    Reference manual
    Browser Interface guide
    Web site development fundamentals (hardcopy only)

    Much of the information in the guides is also in the on-line help. Let me know if you want any of the ones I’ve listed.

    BTW, here a link my (company’s) new LWWCM web site.

    We went with the tables within tables layout and mostly used CSS to apply styles to text. Once I understand CSS better, we may start using it for more kinds formatting. Thanks for showing that ALA technique can be used within LWWCM.


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