Lotus Workplace V2 Beta

If you have access to the IBM PartnerWorld For Software download site then you can get your hands on the Lotus Workplace V2 Beta. It was released on the site on the 23rd January but we were probably all too busy at Lotusphere to notice.

I’ll be downloading it tomorrow and hopefully I’ll have a bit more luck installing this version then I did with the previous one. I’ll report back soon with any findings…

One very interesting thing I noticed in the readme file was the following

The process of installing Personal Productivity on the smart client platform is a composite of four main installation components.

  1. Workplace 2.0 Smart Client Platform
  2. WAS Express server (to enable offline capabilities and emulate a local WebShere Application Server (WAS) version 5.0.1
  3. Cloudscape database library (contains local library files for WAS Express)
  4. Personal Productivity application consisting of features and plug-ins including mail, calendar, instant messaging (IM) and configuration files for offline capabilities, which are activated on-demand by the Workplace server

Does this mean that a mini version of WAS is installed on the client machine to provide the offliine services that would be similar to the Domino Sync Manager that is used in DOLS? Would this install not require a powerful client computer? Does it not seem like overkill? I suspose we will have to wait to find out.

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4 comments on “Lotus Workplace V2 Beta
  1. Justin Knol says:

    I assume WAS Express will require more resources than DOLS, but is hopefully not quite as hefty as WSAD.I’ll be keen to hear your impressions…..CheersJustin


  2. Rune Carlsen says:

    I don’t know if I should cry or laugh. Is it really a requirement to run Websphere Express locally to have offline support? LONG LIVE NOTES !

    Rune Carlsen


  3. Paul R says:

    sounds probable to me. wsad contains scaled down versions of more than one websphere server environment.


  4. Jens Bruntt says:

    How did you find the Lotus Workplace V2 Beta?
    I do have access to Partnerworld for Software, but I can’t finde the beta.
    Any hints on how you found it? I find the interface there a pain


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