Another New Blogsphere feature

I’ve been working on the Blogsphere template all night and I’ve added a few new features. I promise that I’ll release the new template soon. I just want to make sure it’s well tested and that all the new stuff is working ok first. The new template has a lot of additions so there is a lot of testing to be done.

So what is the wonderful new feature that’s been added… Well it’s only a small feature but makes a lot of sense. Basically in the contact details block the email address could be spidered and then spammed. I’ve added some simple code to this so that the email address is broken up using javascript which should make it harder for a spider to notice.

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7 comments on “Another New Blogsphere feature
  1. Bruce Elgort says:



  2. Jochen TInn says:

    If you need a hand with testing…i would be happy to review some code and giv it a test run.cheersjoe


  3. How’s this version coming? Still having trouble with my Domblog’s calendar box only doing 29 days – running v1.2beta1a….


  4. igor says:

    Thank you for the information


  5. bob says:

    Cool site


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