Better Domino Web Logging

I’ve just been trying out the ‘Advanced DominoLog’ template up on OpenNTF. This template extends the basic domlog.nsf database to add in a load of views that break down the basic information that is provided by Domino’s web logging module into easy to read areas like By Status Code and By Host and By Browser.

One lovely feature is the addition of an agent that will purge log entries that are over a certain number of days old, so if you run a busy site then you can make sure that database doesn’t get too big too quickly.

This is a really cool template so if your running a Domino based web server and want some better logging then I’d advise you to check it out.

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2 comments on “Better Domino Web Logging
  1. Hynek Kobelka says:

    I am sorry to disappoint you but if you had waited a little longer you could have tested a newer version
    I posted it right now as release 1.1. on OpenNTF.

    Thats all.

    PS: If its not on OpenNTF you can download it here as well:

    PPS: If you want to review a nice application I suggest this one:
    (Its not posted on OpenNTF yet, but I will add it soon)


  2. Bruce Elgort says:

    I run the template on and love it! Great job Hynek!


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