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Chris Miller was asking a little while ago about what Anti Virus solutions everybody recommended for Domino. My reply was Sybari Antigen as it is easy to use, setup and in my opinion the best performing scanner both in terms of speed and detection.

For those of you that don’t know the product, Sybari Antigen For Domino is written by a US company called Sybari. Most other domino based scanner will work by marking all messages as dead, scanning them and then unmarking them as dead. Antigen works by doing intelligent prescanning, redirecting only messages that contain attachments to a special for scanning and then the router just works as normal, messages in are not altered in any way so signatures are not lost which is a very big plus.

Antigen also uses multiple scan engines from different companies so there is a higher chance of viruses being detected and with a new policy manager you can centrally control all installations of the product from a single point. Another BIG feature of Antigen is the fact that it is a 24×7 scanner. You do not have to stop the domino server to install updates.This I experiences today when I had to update a dll file for the product. I just typed in a special tell command, replaced the file and types another tell command. Very simple.

So if your looking for a good antivirus solution for Lotus Notes then you can’t go wrong with AntiGen.

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  1. ouch! I haven’t had much luck with Antigen. We’ve seen crashes, trouble, instable servers, and.. We’ve decided to stick with Trend Micro, as we haven’t had any problems with that at all. Oh well.. your mileage may vary


  2. pam says:

    i like your site!!


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