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In one of my previous entries I mentioned that I was looking into getting Lotus Notes to roam properly on Windows machines. The built in roaming stuff in Notes is not the best when your users like to use the WorkSpace so we had to do it the old way and point the Lotus Notes client to use a network based data directory and set the location of the NOTES.INI file on the shortcut’s command line.

This seems to work perfectly for the shortcuts that you have access to but in Windows XP there is a new start menu format that allows you to have default entries for E-Mail and Internet Browser. Setting the notes.ini for these is not so easy but with enough hacking about in the registry I found out where the information for these are stored and I now have it working…

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4 comments on “Roaming Update
  1. Carlos says:

    What about just adding the directory your .ini file is located in into the system path. That way you dont need to change any shortcuts or make mods to the registry.


  2. UnclePhil says:

    More simple,
    Be sure that you don’t have notes.ini in the notes executable directory and subdir.
    Put the ini somewhere in the user profile (or home directory or …), and add a this location in the PATH environment variable.
    I’ve tested on NT, 2K and XP without problem on many pc.
    It seem that windows find ini file like any other program part.


  3. Declan Lynch says:

    We tried adding the directory the ini file was in into the path but it just wouldn’t work. We couldn’t figure out why so we had to adopt the =x:dirnotes.ini method for the shortcuts etc.


  4. unclephil says:

    Are you sure that your path variable is writed correcltly.
    No double semicolumn (;;)
    No space except bewteen double quotes (“c:program files”)
    No termination with backslash ()
    I ask this because i had the same symptom on some workstation and the error was between the keyboard and the chair !!


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