Still Missing One Certificate

I received all the certificates for the recent Lotus Exams that I had passed in the post today. The usual affair, A4 sized certificates squashed through a small letter box so that the edges get all mangled.

All my certificates, that is, except for one important one. My CLI certificate seems to have gone missing, and not only has the certificate gone missing but the fact that I ever had CLI status has gone missing.

I did my Instructor Certification Evaluation exam (ICE) back in November 2001 over in Lotus UK. The guy who carried out the eval left IBM about two weeks after this but before he left he sent over a letter to say that I had passed the ICE. I then managed to get somebody to send me a certificate and I thought all was well untill I just requested that I get it upgraded to show that I am also an R6 qualified instructor.

So maybe Barbara Bowen is reading a few of these Blogs and she spots this and can get involved and sort things out because the people that I have been emailing in IBM / Lotus don’t seem to have a clue about how to sort it out.

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2 comments on “Still Missing One Certificate
  1. Rune Carlsen says:

    Nice to hear you got yur certificates… I still miss my Sametime one, of course just passed it last week.

    About the mess about certificates, I just have to agree with your experience. I have had so many round with both Lotus, IBM and their education appartments. The list of what certificates I have, change from month to month, and suddenly I am missing alot of old once, then I miss new ones…. I have found out that the best way is to take this directly with Barbera, and then you are settle… Somewhere in their system, the true list is available….



  2. Harry says:


    Followed a link from codestore. Hope all is well, web site looks great, bit slow maybe. Keep in touch.



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