LDD Running On Websphere

Looks like IBM have decided to try and show off the power of WebSphere by converting parts of the LDD website to WebSphere Portal based system.

It seems that the ‘Product Pages’ have been the first area to have a face-lift and they say that first impressions count and my first impression is that the conversion has been really well done. I like the way that each product has a good breakdown of areas such as articles, bug fixes, downloads, forums etc.

There’s a nice article about how it was all done and it’s well worth the read as it’s quite interesting. It has certainly gotten me thinking as to how I might be able to use Websphere in the future.

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4 comments on “LDD Running On Websphere
  1. Nathan T. Freeman says:

    I’m surprised, Declan, that you’d call this “well done.” Putting aside the use of Websphere Portal server, just look at the product page for Notes/Domino. First, it suffers from severe info-glut, since unrequested, I have 14 separate sections presented in non-bordered boxes. There’s no particular rhyme or reason to these sections, other than they all have vaguely to do with Notes. The page apparently decides my priorities for me, since the Fixlist database is right up at the top and takes a good 25% of page real estate, while Live demos requires a drop to the bottom and a textual reading.

    This is all on top of the atrocious waste of screen real estate in their 4-column (!!!) format. Column 2, providing an overview description of the Domino product, leaves a space about 200 pixels wide unused on the bottom two-thirds of the page.

    Have I mentioned wrapping dates in their pseudo-view date columns? How about the bane of all webpages, the dreaded horizontal scrollbar? Then can I at least mention the glut of COLORS on this thing?

    Portals are useless with targetting, and targetting is meaningless without personalization. If IBM does want a single page resource location for all the news that’s fit to print about Domino, then at least give me some personal options on which news I’d like to see. If I’m a Domino trainer, do I need to see the latest fix list (for a version that’s not available, no less!) as the dominating content on my opening screen?

    Portal designers should take a clue from sites like Slashdot, where a simple registration allows a visitor to control everything from depth of content to which subjects are presented.

    Perhaps that’s an implicit feature suggestion for Blogsphere, while we’re at it. 😉


  2. Ben Poole says:

    Agreed; it doesn’t really add anything to the experience, just seems to be showing off the technology for its own sake.

    But, let’s be honest, the LDD has never really been a showcase for Notes & Domino, now has it?


  3. Declan Lynch says:

    Well I did say it was a first impression.

    Looking at the site again and taking your comments into account there are still plenty of improvments that can be made to make it visually more appealing, the biggest being the 4 column layout but that is more of a problem from when they moved to LDD from notes.net and basically dumped the IBM website layout on top of what was a good site.

    Being able to choose what areas you want to see would be a good idea but the product pages are designed to help somebody get to everything they need to know about the product and I’d guess that most times that would be a person who is not registered on the site.

    From a technical point of view I still like what they have done.


  4. Dave Meehan says:

    I have to say I agree with Nathan. It sucks. the only thing it demonstrates is how to put than one Domino view on a page, but I don’t think I’d want to demo it to a customer! And cripes, look at the URL that’s generated! Domino doesn’t have the most logical of URL’ s (to a client) but that’s just gobbledegook


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