Emotions Required

I’ve just finished off implementing Chris Toohey‘s emoticons article into the BlogSphere template. All I need now is some way of displaying the list of valid emoticons to the end users. Any suggestions ?

Oh and incase you want to try out the new emoticon support then I have implemented the following emoticons :

  • Update : I’ve taken on the challenge of showing the emoticons in the live preview and it is now active. I’ve also decided on a way to show the emoticons to the users, you can either type in the emoticons alt text or you can click ( in most browsers ) the emoticon and it will be appended to the current comments. Enjoy

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    6 comments on “Emotions Required
    1. Chris Toohey says:

      One thing I would say though – I would have the images on another page. If you’re running with 30+ emoticons (like I have today) that’s 30+ images you need to download even if you are using simple text only.
      I would use a pop-up selector, and then communicate back to the parent (the comment or blog).

      Other than that, beautiful!!!


    2. Declan Lynch says:

      I’m sure it can be arranged


    3. Chris Toohey says:

      Ok, now I’m jealous….


    4. Declan Lynch says:

      Don’t be jealous. Sure won’t you be able to copy the code once the template is released next week


    5. Chris Toohey says:

      Excellent stuff!

      Now if only the preview had the emoticon

      Never satisfied are we?



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