Nifty Fifty Revival

Have you ever heard of the Nifty Fifty? The Nifty Fifty was a collection of 50 notes templates that were provided by Lotus when you purchased Notes V3. The templates are still available on the Lotus FTP site ( and there are now 78 templates ). looking over the templates they are really starting to show their age and could do with an update…

Well Rocky Oliver over at Lotus Geek has been discussing the possibility of doing just this, reviving the collection and updating it with 50 ( or more ) new templates designed to show the power of ND6. A lot has changed since the original templates were created, the advances in the client and web interfaces, formula language updates and the extended power of LotusScript in terms of richtext, xml etc all need to be addressed.

So what would you put on the new Nifty Fifty CD? I know of four blog templates that I’d definitly include, the OpenNTF mail template would be a great contender and I’m sure that a lot of you have small apps out there for business tasks like time keeping, expense reports etc etc that could be included. All ideas welcome…

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3 comments on “Nifty Fifty Revival
  1. Rune Carlsen says:

    hehe, that would be cool, but who’s got time?


  2. Chris King says:

    A travel authorization database would be nice, complete with flights, prices, and emergency contact info. Maybe you could get some vendors like RightFax to throw in a few freebies that really show off their product, but can also work without it. Free advertising for them.


  3. Lawrence says:

    Things I would include besides those above:

    1. Workflow application (something that is flexible and does not require designer to modify the flow)
    2. Guestbook application for websites
    3. Gallery database
    4. Holiday/leave booking application
    5. ICON library (with new clean R6 icons)
    6. IT Helpdesk db for ticket logging / call tracking


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