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Whenever I’m working with LotusScript I always have my reference posters on hand to do quick lookups of classes and their methods and properties. Now with ND6 the LotusScript chart is built right into the Domino Designer’s hoome page but I still like to have the full sized chart on a nearby wall.

If you have upgraded to ND6 and you want to get your hands on the new revised wall charts then you can download the pdf format of the charts from the Lotus Developer Domain documentation site. The ND6 charts look a bit different from the old R5 charts. The LotusScript chart has been split into two seperate charts and there is now a new Formula Language chart as well as an updated Cobra / Java chart. The LotusScript charts also show what methods can and cannot be used via COM. Well worth the download.

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3 comments on “LotusScript Posters
  1. This article duplicated in my aggregator database. The permanent link changed overnight. It used to be http://blog.dnaware.net/blog.nsf/plinks/DLYH-5M2MU5. Any idea what happened?



  2. Rune Carlsen says:

    Yeah, the new part of the designer and its chart are quite good, but I have infact never used it 🙂 What I have done all these years is using the Designer help database. I always have this database open to the “Index” part, and if I wonder, let’s say, which methods are part of the NotesDatabase, then I just start typing, “NotesData…” and then the section for this class appears. Makes it easy to navigate, and it’s fast.

    Anyway – having posters hanging around is cool anyway, eventhough you don’t use them. It just estimate the “Notes-Geek” factor we all love 🙂


  3. Ben Poole says:

    Yeah, I tend not to use the posters nowadays. Of course, with ND6 and (FINALLY!) auto-complete, who needs ’em?


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