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I’ve been playing around with the different RSS Newsfeed readers out there and for Windows users there is a great reader called SharpReader. It has all the features of the other 3 panel type readers, including categorisation of feeds, import and export of OPML files and Auto Discovery however it has got one very interesting feature which I think we will see a lot more of in other readers soon.

If you are subscribed to more then one RSS feed and one of the feed entries contains a link to one of your other feeds entries then SharpReader detects the link and creates a nice tree like structure linking the entries together. Kind of like trackback but done with RSS feeds. I love this feature, it helps me see who has links to any of my entries.

Now, if only everybody could get RSS feeds for their sites….

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2 comments on “RSS Feed TrackBack
  1. Ben Poole says:

    So who reckons I’m lying then? 😀
    Seriously, that’s a pretty cool feature in SharpReader. Only thing is, if it’s detecting a link between posts you’re already tracking, then chances are you already know about the link. That said, if this kind of functionality was available on a larger scale, say in an aggregating site, that would be really nifty.


  2. Ben Poole says:

    Never mind. I need to learn to take in Julian’s subject lines… 😉


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