Exam Fever

Joe Litton is not the only one
doing exams these days.

Today I sat the ND6 Administration Upgrade exam and the Lotus Workflow 3 Development exam. Both exams were passed with ease. This means that I am now an R5 CLP, ND6 CLP, R5 CLI and ND6 CLI for the administration track and a CLS on the collaborative Solutions development track. I am already a R5 CLP on the development track. I must sit the upgrade exam for that soon.

Tomorrow I hope to do the SameTime 3 Admin exam and the QuickPlace 3 Admin exam.

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4 comments on “Exam Fever
  1. Joe Litton says:

    My hat is off to you sir (which means my bald head is getting sunburned if it ever stops raining). It’s one thing to do a test every several months. Four tests in two days is just madness! It’s even more impressive given the work you’ve been doing on BlogSphere while prepping for the tests. Congratulations on your many achievements.


  2. Brian Mahoney says:

    I’d like to get my certifications upgraded, but the full time employer isn’t paying the way anymore, I’ll just have to save it up and do it on my own.
    Two off-post comments:
    1. The live comments preview and the replace features are great. Nice clean job. I alswo like the cookie use on the comments.
    2. thanks for adding me to your blog role. I hope I can provide you with something useful sometime soon.


  3. Tom Duff says:

    My congrats to you… You’re an animal! šŸ™‚


  4. mo says:

    How long is the upgrade exams avaliable for


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