Ed Brill Moves & Permanent Links

Well Ed Brill is finally using a Domino based blog system. He has moved to DominoBlog from Steve Castledine and I have to say that the guys in Precision Systems Concepts have done a great job on the look and feel.

Should Ed / PSC have chosen BlogSphere instead of DominoBlog??? Possibly, but they had to make a choice and I’m sure a lot of discussion went into it. DominoBlog probably came out on top for a number of reasons and I’d guess the main ones are that DominoBlog has better ‘Layout’ control and that BlogSphere is still a beta product. What ever the reason I’m sure they made the best one in their circumstances

Have the Domino Blog Wars started??? I hope not. Both tools have their pros and cons, which one gets used is up to the blogger.

One of the things some web designers invariably forget to do when moving or rearranging a website is to make sure that they don’t break any URL’s that may be pointing to the old site. Nearly every blogging system out there has some sort of permanent link that will always bring you to a specific entry. While you can change all the internal links on your own system there is no way of controlling the links that other sites may have pointing to your own. Lets hope the Ed and PSC have thought about this…

BTW : BlogSphere Beta 4 is now available. Check out BlogSphere.net for the download.

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6 comments on “Ed Brill Moves & Permanent Links
  1. No matter what Dec, I like your template :oP



  2. Declan – Yeah, permalinks are a pain when moving sites or just changing the internal structure. I did that for a site I did a while back…shortly after building the site I changed tack on how and where I would publish the info, trouble was I was still getting hits at the old links and didn’t want to break things/put visitors off. I ended up coding manual meta refresh tags to point visitors to the new setup…ouch! Lotsa effort but it did work.


  3. Ian Smith says:

    Not really “your” template though is it dec? – when will you confess to your theft of other peoples work? – you should try and do something of your own for a change – shame on you.


  4. Ian – thats pretty harsh mate! I don’t know that you could call it “theft” if the techniques involved have been made freely available to the community. Declan is doing nothing more than to continue that same “spirit” by putting the techniques to use in a fully featured system. I say if hes prepared to spend his time and efforts doing so then good on him!


  5. Does sound harsh – when you have web sites that allow comments – and you also have a published email address you are opened up to ‘critics’ and or ‘jokers/wind ups’ – you have to rise above and ignore it – else I would have jumped off a bridge a long time ago – heh declan!


  6. John Head says:

    I wanted to jump in here and respond to the post. As Ed said on his blog ( http://www.edbrill.com/ebrill/edbrill.nsf/blogs/04052003082204PMEBR.htm ) , I made the choice on which blog template to use. I made it for a bunch of reasons, one of was that Steve was willing to write the Moveable Type import piece. I also felt getting the ‘edbrill’ look from MT to a Domino-based template was easiest with Steve’s. And since I took on the job of getting this done, I made the choice that I felt most comfortable with. It was not to say that the other templates are not good, but Steve’s did exactly what I wanted with the least amount of fuss. It was not that your template was in beta. All of the current templates are still beta in my eyes.

    And yes, Ed and I talked about the permant link issue. I have a redirect that is capturing the old urls and should (in most cases) redirect them to the same entry in the new database. Its not perfect by any means, but it was not meant to be. I think Ed’s move of all of his old data is one of the first major blog moves to do so. At least in the research I did.

    Just thought I would chime in on my reasons. And thanks for the comments about the site and move.



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