Blogs As Project Tracking Systems

Mike Golding has started an interesting thread over at NotesTips about the use of the Blog in terms of project tracking. I started this blog so that I could keep interested parties updated on how development was going for one of my OpenNTF projects so in a way the idea of using blogs for this purpose is an interesting one.

After starting to blog about the project I unfortunately had to cut down on the amount of time I could spend working on the project but I didn’t want to stop blogging. Now that I have time again I find that I am spending it on the BlogSphere project and in a way the BlogSphere website is really a project tracking blog also.

So is there an untapped blog market? Shall we see more and more project blogs in the future… I think so…

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One comment on “Blogs As Project Tracking Systems
  1. At this moment in time I cannot think of a better way of communicating a Projects “going on’s” – mainly due to the fact of the ease of issuing the information – you don’t want your time bogged down (or even blogged down!) on communication when you could be doing other, more beneficial work for the project.


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