Domino R6’s Anti Spam Features

On Friday I was teaching a one day course
about how to
spam in a domino infrastructure
 The course was written by one of my colleagues in
Wave Technology
and I have
to say that it’s a really interesting course for both the instructor and
the students.

Lotus ND6 has added a lot of new features
to help in the combat against spam, DNS Black Lists, Server mail rules
and others can all help to reduce the amount of spam the end user receives
however when doing security audits of sites we sometimes find that a lot
of administrators don’t know exactly what all the inbound SMTP settings
mean.  The course is designed to teach the students all about these
settings, how and when to use them and also teach them some of the tricks
of the spammer so that they can educate their users.

If your in the UK/Ireland area and your
interested in attending the course the next time we run it then feel free
to send me an email and I’ll put you in contact with our training manager
for dates and prices etc. I’d really recommend it…


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