Converting Rich Text to HTML ( With Images )

I’ve just posted Beta 3 of BlogSphere over on One of the new features that this beta contains is RichText to HTML conversion. This allows posters to post using RichText and when saved the Richtext field is converted into HTML. Converting a simple RichText field is fairly easy however when you have to deal with images it gets a little trickier…

Posted below is the code that I used to do the conversion. It’s not 100% perfect and doesn’t yet account for everything but it works good enough to release…

sub PostSave(source as NotesUIDocument) dim s as NotesSession Dim doc as NotesDocument Dim item As NotesItem Dim mime As NotesMimeEntity Dim Permalink As String set s = NEW NotesSession s.ConvertMime=False set doc = source.document Set item = doc.GetFirstItem("RichTextField") 'Extract The HTML Code From the Rich Text Field Set mime = item.GetMimeEntity Set child = mime.GetFirstChildEntity If child Is Nothing Then 'This is a Single Part Mime Entry strHTML = mime.ContentAsText Else 'This is a Multi Part Mime Entry While Not(child Is Nothing) If child.ContentSubType="html" Then strHTML = strHTML + child.ContentAsText End If Set child = child.GetNextSibling Wend End If ' replace <img src=CID: with ?OpenElement count =2 ' Element count starts at 2 permalink = doc.PermaLink(0) 'need a loop to catch all IMG tags startcheck: x = Instr(1,strHTML,"<img src=cid:") If x = 0 Then Goto savedoc y = Instr(x,strHTML,">") NewImg = {<img src="./plinks/}+PermaLink+{/StoryRichText/M}+count+_
{?OpenElement">} strHTML = Left(strHTML,x-1) + NewImg + Right(strHTML,Len(strHTML)-(y)) count = count +1 Goto startcheck savedoc: doc.StoryText = strHTML Call doc.Save(True,True) End Sub

Thanks to Julian Robichaux for the LotusScript to HTML converter

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3 comments on “Converting Rich Text to HTML ( With Images )
  1. Great!
    I’ve tried hours over hours lately to accomplish that mime stuff and finally ended querying my body field via http-Java…

    Good job of yours, indeed! Congratulations!



  2. Declan,
    do you have any idea how this could be made to work with german umlauts (


  3. Bruce Elgort says:

    Wow..thanks for this great tip Dec!


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