Easier Password Recovery Setup In R6.01

Earlier on during the week I was teaching the R4 to R6 Admin Upgrade course to a client that had recently upgraded to R6.01. One of the topics that was covered was Password Recovery, so we went through the motions, setup the recovery info in the Certifier ID and then exported it out to the student’s ID files and then I got one of them to forget their password and I showed them how to recover a password.

Today I was in visiting the client and they told me that they had started receiving backup ID files however they had NOT exported the recovery info to all their existing users for the simple reason that they do not use Lotus Notes for email and therefore the users would not have been able to receive the email and accept it into their ID files. So how did the users get the recovery information into their ID files…

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4 comments on “Easier Password Recovery Setup In R6.01
  1. Chris Miller says:

    Well bummer, we might have to test this with R5 clients also. THis would be a huge bonus on rolling out the password recovery


  2. Chris Miller says:

    Were the clients 6.01 also or still at 4.6?


  3. Declan Lynch says:

    I doubt that it will work with R5 clients, the dynamic client config code would be so different…

    maybe you should just use it as a good reason to upgrade to R6 clients for everybody…


  4. Declan Lynch says:

    Clients were 6.0.1 also.


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