Tunnel Rush

Need to waste a little time at work? How far can you get before crashing…

Be warned, it’s a little addictive

Tunnel Rush

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IBM Lotus Notes Domino 7 Launch – Ireland

Want to get a ringside seat to the Irish
launch of IBM Lotus Notes Domino 7?

Wave Technology
are hosting
the launch event on the 20th October in the Alexander Hotel starting at
2pm.  This event will cover all the enhancements that are available
in IBM Lotus Notes Domino V7 covering the areas of End-User, Developer
and Administrator.

Date: 20th October 2005

Location: Alexander Hotel, Merrion Square,
Dublin 2

Times: 2pm to 5pm

To register for the event then please
send an email to

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Think Outside The In-Box – Lotus
Notes Domino 7

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Lotusphere 2006 Bootcamp

While looking at the Lotusphere tracks and sessions information page I noticed the following..

Beef up your technical “muscle” and take your Notes/Domino administration and development skills to the next level! Our new Lotusphere 2006 BootCamp is designed for those of you who want to stay sharply focused on only the most technical of Lotusphere sessions and discussions with product developers and experts.

Intensive, no-nonsense and no-frills, (with the exception of a few “special events” here and there – after all this is Lotusphere!) this is the place to get down and dirty and get that training you need! You’ll graduate from this BootCamp a lean, mean, coding machine!

This program runs from Sunday, January 22 through Thursday, January 26th, and participation is included in your Lotusphere registration fee. Attend only a few, or as many sessions as you dare!

Only the most advanced technical breakout sessions
Deep dive hands-on sessions, more than ever before
“Meet the Geeks” interactive discussion groups
“Surprise” special events

Stay tuned for session and speaker details!

Admittance to all Lotusphere 2006 BootCamp sessions and special events is on a “first-come, first-served” basis.

This looks quite interesting, hopfully there will be more info on it soon.

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Windows Vista – Outlook Express RSS Reader

Just looking at the new 5219 build of Microsoft
Windows Vista and one thing I’ve noticed is that Outlook Express is getting
an overhaul, both visually and functionally.

This new build of Outlook Express now
includes an RSS reader and it will probably complement the ‘Web Feeds’
( as MS are trying to rebrand it ) support that is appearing in Internet
Explorer 7.

This is proof positive that the IBM
WorkPlace client needs to have RSS capabilities out of the box. OK, we
all know that Outlook Express is not a direct competitor for WorkPlace
but, like it or not, what the CEO uses at home is what they expect in the

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IBM WorkPlace Managed Client

A few weeks ago I mentioned that the
IBM WorkPlace Managed Client was available to download from the PartnerWorld
area on the IBM website. This week I had a little time to download it and
install it in my test lab so I could learn more about the Managed Client.

It took about 50 minutes to install
the WorkPlace server and then another 30 minutes to install the provisioning
server that’s required for the Managed Client. If I had of bothered reading
the setup manuals I’m sure this would have been a lot quicker.

Once I had the provisioning server up
and running I could then install the Managed Client and all I can say is
wow. It worked first time and it looks great.  I could easily access
my document libraries, team workspaces and it even picked up my Lotus Notes
V7 installation and showed that as an available application.

One feature in the Managed Client that
is not in the browser version of WorkPlace is the Activity Explorer.  This
is a great concept and I’ve explained the concept to a few people now and
everytime I have seen their eyes light up at the idea that you can add
a new person to an activity and they have access to the activities previous
documents, emails etc.  There is amazing potential for this feature
if it’s sold correctly.

One thing that is missing from the Managed
Client that I feel would make a great addition is an RSS reader.  I’m
sure somebody somewhere will eventually write one but my suggestion is
that there should be one in there today. You could have a few feeds preset
like an IBM feed and maybe a few businessy ones like Reuters. Show that
to an exec out of the box and they will be impressed.

To keep inline with the IBM advertising
theme the IBM Managed Client is set to throw a few punches and knockout
the competition. If you get a chance then you should really start looking
at this technology Today.

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Google BlogSearch and BlogSphere

Google has today revealed a new search
service aimed directly at blogs. It uses a blogs RSS or ATOM feed to gather
details from entries for indexing. To get into the blog index you just
need to ping the WebLogs interface every time you publish a new story.

From the ‘About Google BlogSearch’ page

If your blog publishes a site feed
in any format and automatically pings an updating service (such as Weblogs.com),
we should be able to find and list it.

If your using Blogsphere for your blog
then there is a built in feature that will ping the Weblogs.com list for
you.  In the main blog configuration on the Story Setup page you should
see the option for the Weblogs Ping. Set this to ‘Always’ or ‘Ask’ and
then when you create a new blog entry Blogsphere will automatically inform
the Weblogs.com list that your site has been updated.

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A Dark Week For Lotusphere

Anybody who was planning on going to see
the Cirque Du Soleil show ‘La Noubia’ at Lotusphere in January will be
disappointed to know that it is a ‘Dark Week’ from Jan 22th till Jan 30th.
This means that anybody who wants to get to the show will have to go on
Saturday 21st. The question is will you be back before the Turtle / ESPN
party is over ?

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