Notes Designer 8.5 Beta 2 Alias Bug

Beta software is, by it’s very nature,
bound to contain a few bugs here and there and the IBM Lotus Designer 8.5
Beta 2 client is no exception.

While adding a few new features to BlogSphere
today I came across one such bug while editing the alias of a form in the
list of forms.

A picture named M2

Inview editing is very easy and sometimes
accidental, just do a slow double click on the form name or alias in the
view and it will change into edit mode. After making your change just click
to a different form and the changes are saved. It’s actually a handy feature
if you want to make a lot of changes without having to open the documents
up fully and you can even add inview editing to your applications.

But Designer 8.5 Beta 2 is not saving
the document correctly if you edit the alias in the view. It is doing something
so that documents created with that form end up with both the forms name
AND alias in the form field.

A picture named M3

Under normal circumstance only the alias
would be listed in the form field.


Opening the document fully and editing
the form name and alias seems to work fine so this only effects the editing
of the alias in the view.

I have NOT tested this with any other
design element alises but there is a strong chance the same might happen.

Thanks to Chris Toohey
for confirming the bug on his copy of the designer beta.

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2 comments on “Notes Designer 8.5 Beta 2 Alias Bug
  1. I am repeating this as well, unless my designer is caching stuff.

    Another side effect is the form note does not seem to be signed properly after the alias is changed “inline”. (leading Notes to think it has been tampered with in future edits).


  2. Bharath Paper Conversion


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