A new version of fileSendr has been released.

A new version of fileSendr has been released on OpenNTF. It features a new multi-file upload control based on jQuery Uploadify that should resolve a lot of the issues people have had with fileSendr in Internet Explorer in the previous versions.

I’ve also reworked the custom messages that can be sent as part of the notification to the recipients so that they are now using the richtext CKEditor field and if your running the beta of Domino 8.5.3 then you can also use the new oneUI V2.1 styles right from the application configuration.

There have also been lots of bug fixes and tweaks that will make the application more user friendly and additional security checking to hide uploaded files away from people who don’t have the correct urls to the files.

One thing to note is that due to the new upload system the Amazon S3 support has been disabled in this version for the time being.

Access the OpenNTF project here :

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  1. Pierre says:


    would you be willing to provide paid support ?


  2. First, thanks for the update!


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