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Introduced in 8.5.2 there is a feature called Single Copy XPages Design ( or SCXD ) that hasn’t really had a lot of press. Not to be confused with Single Copy Template ( SCT ) this is a feature that can save you a lot of disk space and increase XPages performance if you have a lot of XPages application that all use the exact same template.

To get SCXD working correctly you need two versions of your application template. Lets call them SCXD Master Template and SCXD Servent Template. The SCXD Master Template will contain all the Xpages design elements, forms, views, resources, themes, css files etc. The SCXD Servent Template will just contain the forms and views and a single blank XPage so that you can point the database launch properties to something.

The next stage is quite simple. Create a database from the SCXD Master Template. Then in the SCXD Servent Template set the Application XPages properties to enable the SCXD system and point it to the SCXD Master Database that you just created.

Now for each of your XPage application that use the common template you can replace the design with the SCXD Servent Template.

Once you have finished replacing the design of the databases you need to issue a ‘Restart Task HTTP’ so that the XPages processor can start using the new SCXD database.

If you have lots of databases using this single template you get lots of benefits. The first being disk space saving, you don’t have to have all those xpages design elements and resources in multiple databases. Secondly is the XPage renderer only needs to load these design elements and java classes into memory once so you get rid of that small delay that sometimes happens when opening a XPage app for the first time ( this can be made even faster with the XPagesPreLoad option coming in 8.5.3 being pointed to the SCXD Master Database).

I started looking at SCXD because we’re developing a system where there will be a couple of thousand ( about 35,000 ) NSFs all using the same design. By being able to remove the XPage design elements we see an instant disk-space saving of over 90Gb and I’m sure the users won’t be complaining about the performance increase also.

There are more details about SCXD on the Domino Dev Wiki @

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  1. Mark Leusink says:

    Thanks for explaining this. I’ve been meaning to look into SCXD, but didn’t have the time yet.

    In the past I’ve used SCT for a “traditional” Domino web app in a situation like you (lots of nsf’s sharing the same design) and that worked quite well as long as you closely sticked to the rules.

    I’ll definitely try SCXD: the “delay” when first opening an XPage is quite annoying. Another advantage of SCXD is probably that a design update is performed a lot faster: using SCT it only had to update the pointers to the main SCT and not copy the entire design element.


    (a fellow IBM Champion


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