Running On Blogsphere 4

If your viewing this on my blog you’ll notice that I’ve replace the design with the new Blogsphere V4 template.

It is still VERY rough around the edges and there might be a few small issues but over the next few days I’ll work them all out and get it ready for its initial release for testing.

Now that I’m running live I better get the RSS feed up and running next Laughing

The RSS Feed is now up and running. Actually I rewrote it as an ATOM feed but it uses the same URL.

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3 comments on “Running On Blogsphere 4
  1. jabofi says:

    It looks like something is missing…..Goofy


  2. Joe Litton says:

    Ok, dude. YOU ROCK!


  3. David Leedy says:

    Great progress!


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