A Web Based Interface For Blogsphere V4

If you didn’t guess from my last post then
you’ll be pleased to hear that I have started working on the version of
Blogsphere and this time it’s all going to be done in XPages.

One of the great things about XPages,
in my opinion, is that you just have to write it once and it will work
on both the web and in the Lotus Notes client so for the next version of
Blogsphere I have ripped out EVERY SINGLE BIT of old code and I’m
building it with just an XPages interface for both the viewer and for the
blog owner. The only thing that has survived from the previous version
is the form names and field names ( and even they have been reduced by
about 90% down to the bare minimum ).

So somebody visiting the blog will see
this :

A picture named M2

But once your logged in with the correct
roles in the ACL you’ll see this…

A picture named M3

Kinda nice….

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9 comments on “A Web Based Interface For Blogsphere V4
  1. Mark says:

    kinda nice indeed


  2. palmi says:

    great 🙂 do you know ETA on release ?


  3. Albert Buendia says:

    This is a serial about xPages heroes, part II, isn’t it ??


  4. Hi Declan,great! If you like — I have some code for XPages to do extensive caching reducing load times dramatically. Ping me. stw


  5. In case you blog here HOW you managed to build it, you have instantly a sort of technical documentation


  6. Ronald Veldhuizen says:

    Wauw! I’m looking forward to the Blogshere 4 release! Using Blogshere for years now and was kinda surprised that it was silence at OpenNTF. But it will be silence before the storm


  7. Jens Polster says:

    Way to go Declan, although I’ll be missing the current default theme


  8. David Leedy says:

    Great Job Declan! Looking forward to it.Thanks for the effort!!


  9. No… Very nice! Eager to see more, especially from the author-side.


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