Automatically Install The iPhone iOS4 Timeout Patch When You Install Traveler

If your running the new iPhone operating
system iOS4 and your also running IBM Lotus Traveler then you may have
heard about a timing issue that can slow down the syncing of eMails to
the device and even cause some server issues.

Apple has now created a support
that details the problem
and they also provide a patch in the form of a ‘Mobile Configuration Profile’
that you can install onto your iPhone so that the default timeout is set
back to 240 seconds, as it was in iOS3.

For your current Traveler users you
can just point them to this support document and get them to install the
profile and restart their phones but for new Traveler users heres a little
trick that you can use so that you won’t have to remember to also install
the second profile.

The .mobileconfig file that you download
form the Apple website is just an XML file that you can open in any text
editor. Download the file you your computer and open it up and you will
see an <array> section containing a <dict> section that contains
a load of keys and values that define the timeout settings.

Now go to your Traveler server and open
the apple.xml file ( it’s in the datatravelercfgclient folder ) and
you’ll notice that it is also an XML file that contains an <array>
section with a couple of <dict> sections. Now all you have to do
it copy the patch’s <dict> section, including the <dict> and
</dict>, into the array section of your apple.xml file and save it.

Now when a new user installs Traveler
on their device the profile that downloads from the Traveler server will
include both the ActiveSync setting and the timeout settings. All the user
has to do is restart the iPhone for the timeout settings to take effect.

Hope this helps somebody…

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3 comments on “Automatically Install The iPhone iOS4 Timeout Patch When You Install Traveler
  1. Ed Brill says:

    Nice tip, thanks Dec!


  2. Jim F. says:

    By combining the xml files, does the timing adjustment display as a separate profile? I combined the two, but I don’t see how a user can tell if it was added.


  3. Henning Kunz says:

    Hi does the patched Apple.xml support iOS 3 and iOS4 at the same time?Henning


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