Multiple Lotus Traveler Accounts on iPhone? Watch Out…

Now that the new iPhone operating system
( iOS 4 ) supports multiple ActiveSync accounts you may be tempted to point
to more then one IBM Lotus Traveler, for example your corporate Lotus Traveler
server and the one on the Lotus Greenhouse.

If you try this you may end up scratching
your head as the second Lotus Traveler Profile on the iPhone overwrites
the first Lotus Traveler Profile, more head scratching will ensue if you
reinstall the first profile only to find the second profile has now been

The reason that this happens is all
down to the template profile that IBM Lotus Traveler uses on all installs
of the IBM Lotus Traveler server. The unique profile identifier is the
exact same on all servers and the iPhone iOS4 sees the two profiles coming
from two different servers as the same profile.

Fixing the problem will involve the
server administrator, they will need to either manually edit the template
profile ( travelercfgapple.xml ) to change the profile identifier string
or they can build a new template profile using the
iPhone Configuration Tool
. Once
the apple.xml file is replaced with a new one with a different profile
identifier string there is no need to restart the server, just go to your
Lotus Traveler server from the iPhone and you’ll now be able to pickup
the new Lotus Traveler profile and install it alongside the other Lotus
Traveler Profile.

Hope this helps somebody, having more
then one Lotus Traveler server is not typical for end users.

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8 comments on “Multiple Lotus Traveler Accounts on iPhone? Watch Out…
  1. Keith Brooks says:

    Now you make me wonder if I can do this for any other phone that is not an iphone using traveler. hmmm.


  2. Harald Gaerttner says:

    Or you can just add the second account manually.


  3. Abraham V says:

    When i try to configure the second account manually on my iphone i get “Unable to verify account information”, however i can access the server from the device with no problem.


  4. @3: I guess that either your server is typed in wrong ( must be server.domain.tld/servlet/traveler without a leading http(s) )or your credentials are wrong.But you do not need to configure the second account manually. Here is a tweak to the apple.xml file that works around the UUID is not unique issueFor each UUID in the Apple.xml file, add “-ILNT_HostName-ILNT_User” to the end of the existing UUID string.For example, change<string>837AE5F3-1380-4234-BAD0-8246A644AC2F</string>to<string>837AE5F3-1380-4234-BAD0-8246A644AC2F-ILNT_HostName-ILNT_User</string>When the Apple.xml is used to generate the one for the user, it should be unique because of the wildcards


  5. Sascha Troll says:

    Got the same problem like 3.Doesnt matter which account I try, when I want to add an additional account, it will give me the error “Unable to verify account information”.Modifying the UUIDs was successful.Thanks for the hint.Sascha


  6. @4 thanks a lot, using the wildcard now I am able to install any number of profiles on the single device.I had a requirement from my client for configuring the Manager and Assistance’s account on Assistance iPhone, this tweak has helped in achieving that


  7. Tony Holder says:

    Many thanks. Works like a dream.


  8. Bart says:

    when adding acciunts manually, tehey allways say : can’t verify.

    Just save all setting and when the account is set up go to the account settings and disable SSL, then it will work…


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