New OpenNTF project now available : fileSendr

We’ve all seen it happen, a user tries
to send a 100MB file to somebody via email, probably to a customer or client
that needs to get the file today and what happens… well the file gets
bounced back because the customer/client has a restriction on their mail
gateway against attachments that are bigger then a prescribed size.

Normally this results in a frantic call
to the IT department telling you to fix the problem because the customer
needs the file 10 minutes ago or we lose a whole load of business revenue,
of course the person calling you doesn’t care about the fact that the problem
is actually on the customer’s email system, they just want it done now.

There are a couple of solutions, you
could put the file up on an FTP site and then send the customer details
about how to log in. This assumes that the customer knows what FTP is,
or you could upload the file to an external service like YouSendIt or SendThisFile,
the customer then gets an email with a link that they can click to download
the file.

Have you looked at YouSendIt or SendThisFile?
It sounds like a great idea until you see how much they charge for enterprise
plans and branding, and then you also have the security conscience person
who asks how safe it is to have company files sitting on a server in ‘the
cloud’ where they could be hacked etc.

That’s where fileSendr comes in. It
is an XPages based Domino application that duplicates the functionality
of the YouSendIt/SendThisFile type systems, but because it is running on
your own servers you have a little more control over who can put files
onto it and even control how long files will stay on the system.

The initial release of fileSendr on
OpenNTF is a very basic version of the service. You have the ability to
upload files, send the notifications and then have the notified person
download the files. Future versions will introduce a number of extra features,
like the ability to see if the files have been downloaded, track to see
if the recipient even opened the email notification and so on. It is a
work in progress and best of all it is Open Source, licensed under the
Apache Public License V2 and FREE.

Check it out… fileSendr on OpenNTF

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12 comments on “New OpenNTF project now available : fileSendr
  1. Matt Bibb says:

    Very cool project! Definitely will follow this on OpenNTF.


  2. benoit says:

    Yeah, a great idea.Some time ago i imagined this sort of tool.What i wanted to do is to create a simple email with the file and on a button clic, an agent extract the big file, replicate it to a web base page, then add login details to the mail and send it.I will follow this project and see how you managed all this.Thanks a lot.


  3. Very useful! Thanks for sharing.


  4. Very nice work. Just tested a few large uploads (>500 Mb) and is working fine. Thanks for sharing this application.


  5. are there no restrictions when uploading files via a web browser (attachment size)?


  6. Steve Dionne says:

    Love it! Very good idea!


  7. Fred says:

    Really useful tool. Thanks for sharing.


  8. Nice software! A’m testing it. Any roadmap or news about it?Regards,Oliver


  9. Anthony Miller says:

    I’m having some difficulty getting FileSendr to work.


  10. Anders Gneib says:

    Great application however it would be even better if it integrated into sending mail. Something like when an attachment is larger than 50 MB, fileSendr grabs the attachment and replaces it with the link / password. The message is sent and the attachment starts loading up to fileSendr in the back ground.

    Anyhow this is a great application. I’m so looking forward to the Future version!

    BR, Anders


  11. Stephan Gee says:


    great idea. But i have some problem setting it up.

    I tested it with a small file with about 5MB. As soon as i try larger files i get an error of the web service. Is there any configuration i can make to allow bigger files ?

    Is this project still developed ?


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