Do you want to Live Blog at Lotusphere?

Since I started going to Lotusphere I have
live blogged quite a few sessions and keynotes. It is a great way to take
notes during the sessions and also helps people who may have attended other
sessions at the same time and even people who can’t make it to Lotusphere.

For the first few years of Live Blogging
I just used Blogsphere, I would write my entry and as I’d write stuff down
I’d hit the save button to publish it to my blog. Last year I discovered
CoverItLive, an external live blogging tool
that you could embed on any webpage, and one of the features allowed you
to have multiple authors in the Live Blog, I asked around and ended up
with a great team of writers for the Opening General Session live blog.
It was so good that we have gotten the same team back together again this
years for the OSG.

Since last year CoverItLive has added
a new ‘groups’ feature. This feature allows us to create a group of live
blogs and display them in a single interface embedded on any site. You’ll
be able to go to a single place to see which members of the group are currently
running live blogs and also be able to review all the finished blogs.

If you are thinking of doing any Live
Blogging at Lotusphere this year and you want to use CoverItLive then please
send me an IM or email me your CoverItLive username and I can add you to
the special Lotusphere Group. Your live blogs will then appear embedded
on your own blog and also on the special
website. CoverItLive is really easy to use and best of all it is FREE.

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  1. Great to hear ya’ll will be live blogging again this year as I found it most excellent last year. Thanks!


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