What I like about the Elguji *Jam Announcement.

Bruce has been teasing us all for the past
few days with blog posts and tweets about the upcoming new product from
Elguji and sitting in my inbox this morning was the first announcement
email revealing the name of the product as IQJam.

This looks like it’s going to be an
excellent product offering from Elguji that will fit in well with their
successful IdeaJam product but there were two things that I really liked
about the announcement, the first is that the product was written in XPages
and the second was that it would not be supporting IE6. Some people may
think that the lack of IE6 support could hinder it’s acceptance but I personally
think that this is a great idea. It’s about time that more and more applications
stopped supporting this browser. It is time for IE6 to die and force people
to upgrade to better browsers like Firefox, Safari, and even IE8 ( although
I’d love to see some CSS3 support in IE8 ).

While I can’t get into any specifics
on 8.5.1 I think the decision to write the application for this release
as opposed to 8.5.0 is also a great idea. There have been some significant
improvements under the hood in 8.5.1 that will ensure the product runs
better and I know Matt has done extensive scalability testing at the IBM

I won’t rehash what everybody else is
saying about IQJam but I will tell you to check out the product info
on the Elguji website. This is going to be a great product.

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7 comments on “What I like about the Elguji *Jam Announcement.
  1. Greg says:

    I.E. 6 is finally going away. The death knell is that it wont be supported by Sharepoint 2010 or any of the MS 2010 offerings.


  2. barry says:

    If you are building an application that is to be used in the corporate world, I don’t know how you can not support IE 6. IE 6 still has almost 20% of the market. And I would guess if you only include computers in the workplace, it would be closer to 50%. The reality is many many companies still use IE6 – and they are not upgrading that quickly.While I personally hate IE 6 and would love to not support it, I think it will be at least a couple years before that’s feasbile.


  3. barry says:

    Should have checked first – IE6 is under 15% now. And has lost a decent share in the last 6 months. But still to early for me to use – all my clients have IE6…


  4. Matt White says:

    From our current customers there’s a fairly good relationship between the browser versions they run and the server versions, so given that we are writing an 8.5.1 application, it’s a fair bet that the customers will at least be on IE7.That being said we do expect some push back, we’ve just had it with IE6 so plan to just live with it


  5. Ben Poole says:

    Re IE6, someone’s got to take a stand against the bloody thing More seriously, if an organisation is up and running with 8.5.1 when the time comes, I’d be very surprised if they still had their users on something as backward as IE6.


  6. @5 – Ben, sometimes it’s not “their users” it’s their customers or business partners.


  7. Bruce Elgort says:

    Declan,On behalf of Gayle, Matt and myself we want to thank you for your support of IQJam. We really enjoy the excellent community support that we receive from people like you.Thanks again,Bruce


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