OpenNTF : It’s Getting There

I’ve been asked a couple of times since
I pulled all my projects off OpenNTF if I would publish them elsewhere,
The answer I have given so far is that I hope to be able to publish them
back on OpenNTF when the time is right and given the progress that
has been made over the last couple of weeks it looks like OpenNTF is starting
to pull together and correct a few of the mistakes that were made.

At the recent Steering Committee meeting
where they voted on a number of important topics, especially around the
ability to allow the creation of new projects with the GPL, LGPL and Affero
GPL licenses and the creation of a separate catalog of non-APL projects,
I was very happy to see that the Steering Committee voted with the interests
of the community at heart and in a way that is true keeping with the mission statement.
There is still a lot of work to be done in this area with regards to how
people can contribute code to projects but at least now all open source
authors are being covered instead of restricting things to the Apache license.

While I’m still holding off putting
my projects back on OpenNTF till all the necessary work is done I have
high hopes that they are finally heading in the right direction.
Today’s news entry by Steve
is also a positive step. He says that it is the first in a series of ‘Friday
Reviews’ which is an excellent idea and will help promote the changes that
are being carried out to make OpenNTF a better site.

Regarding FREENTF.ORG, I do own the
domain, It has been suggested that I run up a competitor to OpenNTF on
that domain but I have resisted. It is not what the community needs right

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4 comments on “OpenNTF : It’s Getting There
  1. John Head says:

    Declan – great post. And from me, there is no pressure on you. Do what you think is right and comfortable.As for getting stuff done, the TC is going to implement a few thing immediately. The IP Manager is getting all the documentation and legal stuff updated as we speak. That will let folks sign the ICLA and become Committers and work on the TC. The license types will be updated ASAP to match what we approved. A GPL Catalog will be created – and the GPL Committers will have access to put stuff in there manually at first (just like the APL catalog today).Then, instead of just adding a feature here or there, the TC wants to overhaul the project section. This includes all the visibility, user profile, and workflow features we voted and approved. That will take time. Everyone on the TC today is working on their own time on top of a full time job. We sure could use people on the TC volunteering to help make this all possible Thanks for the feedback – John


  2. Patrick Picard says:

    Hi Declan, thanks for acknowledging my post. im looking forward to start doing your xpages tutorial (next 3 weeks or so)


  3. Bruce Elgort says:

    @John,May I suggest for those who do not speak the open source vernacular that a page be created that clearly defines what all of the acronyms mean.Thanks for listening.BE


  4. Ed Brill says:

    Thanks for the encouraging words, Declan


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