Lotusphere Tuesday Recap

The temperature has really dropped in Orlando,
I’ve even heard rumor that it is warmer in the UK then it is here although
it’s still pretty low in Pittsburgh and an email from our dog sitter said
that we got another foot of snow in the past few days so I won’t be complaining
too much.

My Tuesday started out with yet another
XPages session called XPages 101. This session was a great starter session
on some of the things that you can do with Xpages and how to start building
them and using them in your applications. I’ve been doing a lot of XPages
sessions as I can see where XPages can really make a difference in my organization
with the future development of web applications for our end users and customer

After the session I headed on down to
the labs to talk to the XPages developers to clarify a few of the features.
In the lab down at the product showcase you can also sit down and go throught
an exercise to get you familiar with using XPages.

After lunch  headed to Bob Balaban
and Rocky Oliver’s session on Mythbusters where they talked about a few
of the different myths about Notes/Domino and gave their reasons and experiences
as to if the myth was true or false.

Then it was on to Lotusphere Idol to
watch the contestants get up on stage and give their 5 minute overview
of the session they wanted to give at Lotusphere while being brated by
the judges afterwards. There were two winners of Lotusphere Idol this year
and they will be given a halfhour session on Thursday. It was a fun session
to attend and the surprise contestant will mean I’ll never look at Locust’s
the same way again.

I then went to see Matt White’s session
on using the wrong Domino Designer elements to do the right thing. This
was an interesting session on hw to use Pages and forms to get domino classic
web apps to do fancy things with css and javascript.

After a quick break it was down to Speedgeeking.
We setup and the crowd flowed in, there was a good crowd and with about
20 sppedgeeking stations I ended up with about 5 or 6 listeners for each
of the 5 minutes that I was speaking. After an hour and a half and having
run through my session on building multilingual applications my voice was
starting to go. In all it was quite a good time and I certainly enjoyed
doing it.

Once everybody was out of there they
were all off to different parties but myself and Terri decided to take
the evening off and tke a nice walk around the boardwalk area before heading
back to our villa to put our feet up and relax with another day in the

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