Lotusphere Monday Recap

Well the first ‘Real’ day of Lotusphere
is wrapping up so time for a quick recap of what i’ve seen and heard…

First of all I’d like to thank everybody
who joined us for the live blog of the Opening General Session. Looking
at the stats for the live blog we had 658 unique readers, we entered in
351 entries in the live blog and received 368 reader comments of which
we published 48. Since the end of the live blog and at the time of this
blog entry the live blog has been replayed over 280 additional times. While
myself and Matt were having some terrible issues with the network the rest
of the team did a great job making sure the stream didn’t go quiet for
all you readers so a special thanks to them is well deserved.  We
know a few IBM people were watching the live blog so hopefully they enjoyed
it and it helps encourage the expansion of the blogger program they are
running this year.

After the OGS I went to a session on
the new and cool stuff in Domino 8.5 and the future. They talked about
XPages, DAOS and ID Vault. The admin side of me is really interested in
both DAOS and IS Vault but the developer side of my persona is really kicking
itself for not playing around with XPages while it was in beta. After this
session and another XPages session that I went to later I can certainly
see the power of XPages and after Lotusphere it’s something myself and
the other developer where I work will need to start putting to full use.
I can already see a few projects in our future being done with XPages.

I also managed to go to the Bill &
Paul show, otherwise known as ‘The 11 Commandments’. This is a new session
for Bill and Paul but along the same lines as the infamous Worst Practices
session it was a fun filled experience at which i was shouted at for having
designer rights in my production environment and Greyhawk was shouted at
for giving them to me. Something tells me my rights on my work domain may
be getting curtailed when I get back next week.

Overall the first day of Lotusphere
has been filled with a lot of information. Make sure your looking at PlanetLotus
to read all the other blogs to get a great grasp of what has been announced
and the different sessions the other bloggers have been to.

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