BP207 : From notes apps to Ajax Apps in 10 lines of code.

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Talking about EXT.ND, a javascript framework similar to DoJo or jQuery except aimed towards to Notes/Domino. The aim of the project is to provide easy to use javascript classes for Domino objects

Currently showing a view in the notes client, a web browser and view applet. In the default views in the web browser at very basic. Now showing the same view in Ext.nd. Looks much nicer. Only 10 lines of code needed. Doing the same for outlines, picklists, date pickers.

Getting started with ext.nd. You can download it from http://extjs.com then unzip and sign it.

Coming soon. the ability o have the ext.nd application inject the setup code for ext.nd into the htmlhead section of the form or page with the click of a button. This will add the required code that will make ext.nd work in your applications.

Just demoed converting a standard database into an EXT.ND enabled database. Very quick and plenty of applause from the audience is coming over the speakers into the overflow room. The date picker and name picker demos are wonderful.

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4 comments on “BP207 : From notes apps to Ajax Apps in 10 lines of code.
  1. I wish that work would be so easy. I guess you need to have the files installed on a server or in te database self ?


  2. Declan Lynch says:

    I think having the seperate Ext.ND database on your server would be a better option then moving the ext.nd elements into your database as it would be easier for updates.


  3. Rich Waters says:

    The recommended way is to keep everything within the separate Ext.nd database. With the new release we’ll have the database set up to provide multiple versions of the JavaScript files. That way if you do update your template you shouldn’t have to worry about breaking any existing Ext.nd implementations. (mainly if you wrote custom code)


  4. Rich Waters says:

    How big/full was the overflow room?


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