AD301 : What’s new in IBM Lotus Domino Designer

Domino Designer in Eclipse will be coming in 8.5.

Why Eclipse? The great script editing and debugging. The class browser. Built-in editors for CSS, XML, HTML etc. Partners can extend the platform thru eclipse plugins.

DOMINO DESIGNER ON LINUX AND MAC “In the fullness of time”. It will not be in 8.5 but the move to Eclipse will allow that to be accomplished.

There will be a public beta of 8.5 designer. No date yet.

They are trying to map as many ‘infobox’ properties into property panels. Some nice things about this means you can copy/paste stuff from the properties panel like the Document ID. Lots of cheers for that. You can also float and resize the properties panel.

Showing the script editor right now. WOW. The class browser is great. The typeahead works great, for lotusscript, javascript and while not working in this pre-beat a Java editor also. Syntax coloring and code completion is nice. There is a style sheet editing feature that has a context helper so if your entering a line like font-size it will show you all the available options in the code completion box.

New design elements to support web apps. Javascript control for Rich text, Views, Outlines and Actions.

DOJO editor for richtext on the web instead of the applets if you want to select that option.

Other new designer elements : xPages, Custom controls, server-side javascript libraries, Data connections and iWidgets.

What is an xPage : Standard JSF extended for domino to built nice UIs. Uses stylesheets, built-in ajax behavours, external data access via web service, RESt or ATOM. Localisable. Custom controls ( kinda like subforms but more powerful )

xPage. Tables can be set to pixels for sizing if you want. Drag and drop edit controls to the xPage is very nice and assigning a style sheet is quick and easy and updates the look of the xPage in the designer client ( no having to save and refesh in a web browser to see what it looks like )

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