Hints Tips And Tricks

The answer to all your ‘I didn’t know notes
could do that’ questions Alan is giving a presentation based on the information
on his blog. http://www.alanlepofsky.com . He is using Lotus Notes 8 for
his demos in standard mode not the eclipse version proving that all these
tips are forward compatibale as well as backwards compatible.

Tip 1 : Hiding and moving the menu bars

Tip 2 : The bookmark bar, one click
access to databases and the ability to drag anything to the bookmarks,
including external applications. In notes 8 you will be able to hide the
bookmark bar and have it only show when you click the launch button.

Tip 3: the status bar. know how to find
your access levels, read the status log etc. but the one people don;t use
much is the quickpick on the right with easy access to create new mails,
replicate etc.

Tip 4 : Tabs. a feature of Notes since
V1 ( IE7 is only starting to catch up with the whole tabs concept ). CTRL-TAB
will switch thru tabs in the same way that windows alt-tabs thru programs.
Rightclicking tab allows you to open a tab in it’s own window.

Tip 5 : The Startup folder. In the ‘More
Bookmarks’ bookmark there is a folder called statup and if you drag databases
or links to it when notes starts then the links in that folder will auto-start.

Tip 6 : there is a folder in the ‘More
Bookmarks’ bookmark called ‘Create New’. You can drag a blank document
in a database and then drag the tab for that blank document into that folder
and it will appear in the ‘create New’ toolbar option.

Tip 7 : switching views. hold the ctrl
button down when you switch and the document you had highlighted will be
the one highlighted in the new view.

Tip 8 : Action button shortcuts. Hold
hown ALT and numbers appear over items, while holding down alt you can
press the number and the action is performed.

Tip 9 : Copy Selected As Table. Demo
of this feature pasting to Excel was well received.

Tip 10 : Keyboard Shortcuts. F2/Shift
F2 to change text size.

Battery Runing low and no power anywhere
here so going to have to sign off this entry….

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