Bloggers Questions and Answers

A good turnout here at the bloggers conference.
I never received an offical invite but decided to attend anyway.

Unfortunitly the QA was a bit short,
with only 30 minutes there were only about 5 questions asked and nobody
seemed to be able to get a word in edgeways on some of the answers.

The concept of the bloggers QA is good
but needs a bit more work and time for the next years. Maybe it should
be a podcast session, have it recorded and available as quickly as possible
after the session so the bloggers who attend can link to it and let all
their readers hear their questiosn and the answers received.

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One comment on “Bloggers Questions and Answers
  1. Sean Burgess says:

    I really think we needed to put a time limit for Mike and the other execs to answer each question. Something like 3 minutes would be nice. Maybe rename it to the Blogger Rapid Fire Q&A Session.Sean—


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