A Vista / Longhorn Issue for Lotus Domino Server

It seems like MS are trying to make life
difficult for the Domino administrator with some of the decisions that
have been made for their latest operating system that is currently in beta.
 It would seem from information in the beta newsgroups that the ability
to log onto the server’s console session 0 is being removed in future releases.

So what does this actually mean. Well
currently when you login directly to a Windows server at the physical machine
you are logging into the root console session, this session is where you
can see the Domino server running so you can enter commands etc.  If
you use Remote Desktop to access the server you are actually creating a
new session and you won’t be able to see the Domino server’s console screen
( adding ‘-console’ to the remote desktop shortcut’s param’s will override
this ).

In Longhorn Server, as it is currently
known, it appears that MS are making it so that even logging in directly
at the physical machine will create a new session and therefore any application
that interacts with session 0 ( like Domino ) will not be visible.

Maybe this will just become a good reason
to start thinking about moving your Domino server to Linux.

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9 comments on “A Vista / Longhorn Issue for Lotus Domino Server
  1. Aye, they’ve been saying this at Microosft for quite some time now.

    The solution is the Domino Server Controller, which you should really be using anyway. I covered this a while back in these two entries:

    Hope this helps you! (It’s certainly easier than migrating your server OS!)


  2. Just ordered a nice new xSeries with RH Linux for an archiving project. Sure Windoze would be “easier”, but what kind of Sicko would I be if I went that route… Thanks for the heads up on this!


  3. Jurevicius says:

    Maybe Notes should start to run as a normal service and log into the Windows logs from now on… everyone outside of IBM seemed to figure that out …. in the mid 90s … you know … back when they designed the UI for Notes.


  4. Declan Lynch says:

    To the commenter who likes to use fake names and websites I’ll stop blocking your comments if you put your real name to them.


  5. YoGi says:

    well, just use VNC.


  6. Jurevicius says:

    I thought you’d be able to dig up who I am. There is a logical trail. BTW, I’m only over the road from you.


  7. Tom Nichols says:

    I’ve been running my Domino servers using a domain service account for a few years now, so I haven’t been able to see the console on the screen for awhile. So what? Just use the admin client. Heck, I don’t have access to the data center where the box sits anyway. If you set it up right, you shouldn’t ever need to stand in front of the box unless there’s a hardware failure. We have RiBLO cards in all our servers in case of blue screen, etc. I haven’t really had to use that, though.

    I haven’t seen them physically in probably 2 years and haven’t seen the console on the screen in at least 3. Yet, they run like a champ, and I can use the admin client for whatever I need to do.



  8. bobby says:

    are you guys having any problem with Lotus Notes client running on Vista 5381 build? i’ve had no luck with getting the client up and running no matter what i do (version is 6.5 ). if someone could shed some light on this issue i would appreciate it.



  9. David Vasta says:

    It’s called the iSeries! Get one, use it and learn to love it. They are by far the best way to run Domino.If you don’t want the ever stable iSeries then try your hand at Linux.In an effort to cover up Windows’ short comings we are going to see more crap like this and in my case I would just use VNC. I have three Domino Servers running on Windows and two are going to Linux in the next 3 months. I have been makign due with them since I took over the Domino stuff.


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