CTRL-Shift-F9 in Windows Vista

When your in a database in Lotus Notes
and your press the CTRL-Shift-F9 key combo then Lotus Notes will rebuild
all of the view indexes in that database.  This is how it has worked
for as long as I have been working with Lotus Notes since V4.5.  It’s
a key combo that a lot of admins are probably fairly familiar with.

What’s this got to do with Windows Vista?
Well as a member of the Vista beta I’m now running the latest Vista build
here at home, so far it’s been fairly stable for me and i’ve only had to
bug about 10 items I’ve come across, the latest bug I’ve submitted is that
the CTRL-Shift-F9 key combo has been taken over by the OS and no longer
works in Lotus Notes.  CTRL-Shift-F9 turns on and off the new Vista
‘glass’ effect.  When you have Lotus Notes in focus and press the
key combo then the index rebuild does not occur any more.

I’m curious as to what will happen with
this bug report. Will MS change the key combo in time for the final build
of Vista or will Lotus have to change the key combo it uses for the index

Maybe we should just follow IBM’s lead
and all move to Linux. I know if they released a standalone version of
Lotus Notes with the designer and admin clients for Linux I’d switch tomorrow.

Update : Anybody else who is
on the Windows Vista beta can validate this bug report

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7 comments on “CTRL-Shift-F9 in Windows Vista
  1. Ben Poole says:

    So are you saying that MS provide this keyboard shortcut in their new OS, but don’t provide a way of changing it? That’s nuts! If it didn’t clash with Notes, there’d be something else, in time.


  2. Declan Lynch says:

    Not only can’t you change the keyboard shortcut but it’s also not documented anywhere in the helpfiles or release notes. I only found it because I needed to rebuild the indexes in a database.


  3. What is the ‘glass’ effect?


  4. Ben Poole says:

    Sounds similar to Expos


  5. Just FYI, but I tested this here on a Beta 2 build of Vista and saw the same thing… Hopefully this bug will be fixed! I couldn’t even see that the Glass Effect was doing anything.


  6. Steelo says:

    Linux Notes client is on it’s way! They are using it at IBM already


  7. William says:

    Testing on Windows Vista Beta 2 Build 5384, Ctrl+Shift+F9 did not seem to disable the glass effect… maybe they changed it? Otherwise, you might be able to workaround by temporarily disabling Aero.


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