Workplace 2.6 : Using the Domino HTTP Server

Before deploying the managed client you
need to setup your Workplace server so that it uses an external HTTP server.
Setting up the Domino server to provide services for Workplace is actually
fairly easy. For my test environment my Domino server is running on the
same server as the workplace server but the you can use the same proceedure
for remote HTTP servers, you just need to copy the plugin config file from
the workplace server to the Domino server.  I’m going to concentrate
on the single server option.

The first requirment for using the Domino
server as the workplace HTTP server is that you are using Internet Site
Documents. If your not already using Internet Site Documents on your Domino
server then go ahead and convert them over now.  It’s easy and much
handier for administration.  The only gotcha is the inbound SMTP document
but a quick trip to Chris Linfoot’s
on that will help you out.

Once you have your internet site document
sorted out open your HTTP document and go to the configuration tab and
add in the following to the DSAPI Filters section : c:progra~1ibmworkplaceappserverbindomino5_http.dll
This is the path from the default install of Workplace, If you have changed
your paths then change it as required. Make sure you don’t put any spaces
in the path as Domino will think that you have entered two seperate DSAPI
filters.  In the ‘Allowed Methods’ section below turn on everything,
including the WEBDAV option.

Now before restarting the HTTP server
you need to tell Workplace to regenerate the Plugin-cfg.xml file.  Load
up the portal administration site and open the ‘Environment –> Update
Web Server Plugin’ section and then click the OK button, in a few moment
the plugin will be refreshed and then you can restart the Domino HTTP server.
 You should see a message during the restart saying that the Websphere
DSAPI Plugin has loaded successfully.

If everything has worked correctly you
should now be able to access your Workplace server using http://yourserver/lwp/workplace

Next Stage : Installing the Managed

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