Workplace 2.6 : Domino Single Sign On

Integrating the WorkPlace SSO with Domino
is required if you want to surface Domino portlets within the Workplace
environment without forcing the user to login again for each portlet.Setting
up the SSO integration is also one of the easiest steps in getting WorkPlace
and Domino working together.

The first step is to export the ltpa
keys from Workplace. To do this you load up the Workplace Administration
console and go to the security section and then open the ‘Authentication
Mechanisims -> LTPA’ section. Then enter in a path and filename for
where the keys should be exported and click the export button.  One
important point is that this file location is ON THE SERVER not on your
local client so you will need to get the file you have exported and put
it onto your local machine for the next step.

Got the file? Good. Open up your Domino
Directory and go to the server –> Web –> Internet Sites. If your
not using Internet Sites for your http configuration then you should go
to the web configuration view instead.  If you already have a WEB
SSO document then open it for editing and if not then create a new one
( for non internet sites users you create a new WEB SSO configuration document
by opening a server document and selecting the Create Web –> Web SSO
option ).

Fill in the domain name using
( don’t forget the dot infront of it ) and select the Domino servers that
will participate in the SSO config.  Then using the ‘Keys…’ action
menu select the Import option.  Select the file you exported in the
steps above and then enter the password ( this password is specified during
the LDAP changeover that you would have done earlier ).  Once imported
ok save the document and then restart the HTTP server.

Next Stage : Using the Domino HTTP server
to serve the Workplace pages.

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