Updated Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 Connector for Lotus Notes

Microsoft have just released a new version
of their Exchange Connector for Lotus Notes.

The Microsoft Exchange Server 2003
Connector for Lotus Notes supports messaging and calendaring interoperability
between Lotus Domino R5/R6 and Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 and Windows
Server 2003 Active Directory. This tool replaces the Connector that ships
with Exchange Server 2003 (including SP2), and includes several updates
to support better message fidelity when routing email between Exchange
and Domino, support of iNotes and Domino Web Access clients, enhanced Unicode
support and reliability.

it here
or just migrate to Domino
and save a lot of hassel.

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3 comments on “Updated Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 Connector for Lotus Notes
  1. Paul Mooney says:

    I wonder if this one works


  2. Why? Why would they release an updated connector that doesn’t support ND7 that was just released? Why not test for another month and release one for 7?Or, likd you said, just migrate to Domino!


  3. Ray Davies says:

    Installed the new connector on 2003 for I-ndesit on Wednesday to upgrade from 5.5 connector. If course I did a good job and all was working as expected.Got a call on Thursday morning saying the process are crashing so bad they had to reboot the exchange server 4 times. They reverted back to 5.5.Will be back on Monday to scratch my head. So, does the new connector work. Uhmmm, does not look like it!Doh!


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