Windows Vista – Lotus Notes Style Views

The first beta version of Microsoft Windows Vista was released to beta testers today. Breaking with tradition MS have released a number of screenshots on their presspass website.

One of the new features in Windows Vista is called virtual folders. These folders show all the documents of a particular type in a single place, delete the file from the virtual folder and the file is deleted from it’s actual location.  There are folders that will show all music file, video file and even one called ‘All Documents’

I think we call these ‘Views’ in the Domino world

check out the screenshots on the MS Presspass website.

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4 comments on “Windows Vista – Lotus Notes Style Views
  1. Spot on Declan! I also note some OS/2 similarities in the official Avalon and Indigo names…


  2. Brian Benz says:

    Great! Millions more users will “get notes” now….


  3. The windows look a lot like Apple / Mac. At least, that’s my $.02 Keith


  4. Looks like a heavy graphical overload, and there’s no screen shot of the command line (DOS) environment.
    Windows XP had some nice improvements, like pressing the Tab key to auto-find the closest directory/filename match. I hope they have something new in the DOS command line window in Windows Vista, as it’s still the fastest and most convenient user interface of Windows. Using a mouse is very time consuming, and the best would be a touch-screen solution, but the command line interface kinda comes closest to that solution: you have all commands directly behind a keystroke. With the mouse you have to move long distances to even get one menu open. Besides that, when working on a directory with thousands or more files on a remote server, the graphics Windows explorere just plain sucks. With the command line you don’t have to wait 10 minutes for the directory listing to open, but you can address the wanted file in seconds.


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