Anything You Can Do, I can do Better…

Earlier this month Ed Brill mentioned an email that he had received from a customer who had received a user comment / complaint that Lotus Notes didn’t have a feature that Outlook did. This week I received a similar call from one of our users here asking if it was possible to add voting buttons to emails just like Outlook.

Well in the spirit of "Anything you can do, I can do better" I sat down and added a voting feature into the mail template. It is a simple addition, has it’s own forms and it’s own view for easier tracking of your questions and answers. The forms all maintain the standard look and feel of Lotus Notes email and when the recipient of the vote receives the question the voting buttons replace the standard reply buttons in the action bar.


The voting options are also 100% user configurable, the sender can decide what text each voting button gets and can turn on and off extra voting buttons if required. I’ve put in the ability for 5 voting options but this could easily be extended.



I’ll update this entry later with some images and when I’m happy with the final version I’ll be sending it to the OpenNTF guys for possible inclusion in the standard OpenNTF mail template.

Updated with a few images of the UI

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2 comments on “Anything You Can Do, I can do Better…
  1. Ed Brill says:

    looking forward to seeing the updated post with images… be happy to link to that. As we’re discussing in a different post today, people like to see the eye candy


  2. Excellent! Thanks for this. And just in time for my internal review of what OpenNTF mail experience! Cheers!


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