More WSE and Domino LDAP

After configuring the WorkPlace Services Express server to use my Domino LDAP server I noticed that WSE was performing quite slowly. Just moving from one page to the next was taking about 30 – 40 seconds.

Playing around with the Domino LDAP configuration I fixed this problem by setting the LDAP setting to automatically create a Full Text Index of the Domino NAB.  Restarting the LDAP server and waiting for the index to be built showed a significant increase in speed in WSE.

I’d also recommend that you check the WebSphere Portal administration settings for LDAP and ensure that it is set to reuse the connection.

I’ve also gotten the Notes Mail Technical Preview portlet working in WSE. More on how to do that later.

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3 comments on “More WSE and Domino LDAP
  1. Simon Barratt says:

    lessons in domino ldap’ing:

    always, always, always create a FTI!


  2. Chris Miller says:

    If you do not create one, it starts looking through the ($Users) view next and then on from there. Imagine no FTI and a direcory with 17,000 users. Now that was slowwwwww


  3. eddie says:

    hi there Declan,i tried to install the WSE 2.6 and tried to link it with DOMINO7, i followed all the steps as per mentioned in the IBM redbooks guide but it seems like i dont know why I received the error. Supposedly after I finished with the wizard configuration, I should’ve add some thing at the wmm.xml file, the funny thing was, there is no LDAP history or indication script in the fileI’ve configured the WSE LDAP by using the wizard accordingly but still fail. My question are:1. Should I create LDAPID?2. After installation, should i try to up the WSE or should I settled with the configuration first?FYI, this is a testing environment where we only use LOCAL IP host.Appreciate your soonest reply.Many thanks in advance


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