WorkPlace Services Express and Domino LDAP

Ok, I’ve been pulling my hair out for the past while to get my WSE server working with my Domino server for authentication. After following the instructions step by step, word by word, letter by letter I just couldn’t get it working.

Well a load of emails to internal IBM sources later and it turns out that somebody left out one of the steps in the instructions. It turns out that the proceedure to change the security takes longer then the default SOAP wait period so you need to increase the SOAP timeout.

To do this just open the WSEAppServerPropertiessoap.client.props file and set the timeout value to 6000. Then after following the steps in the instructiosn run the wizards as instructed and you’ll end up with a successful install of WSE that is integrated to your Domino LDAP.

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6 comments on “WorkPlace Services Express and Domino LDAP
  1. Ed Brill says:

    glad you finally got it sorted.


  2. Chris Miller says:

    Sounds oh so familiar. the guys at the roadshow couldnt answer much of anything to deal with LDAP today. I posted some of my thoughts on the roadshow on my blog today


  3. Simon Barratt says:

    Thanks for the comment Declan. I hope to get the code this week, and this will save me some aggrivation!


  4. Simon Barratt says:

    “aggravation” even!!!!


  5. Pete Brown says:

    Just a quick question, can you setup this without making the changes to the Domino directory. As I dont want to go fiddling with design of the production directory ?


  6. Declan Lynch says:

    Hmm, not sure if some of the domino mail features will work without the DominoUNID field added to the schema.

    One point I would make is to add the DominoUNID fields to the ExtensableScheme subforms instead of the actual forms themselves. Then set the subforms not to allow overwrites so that if you do an upgrade then your changes won’t get deleted and you can still get the updates for the standard forms.

    Hope this helps.


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