World Wide Wiki – Replacing Lotus Notes

Business Week is looking at the world of Wiki’s with an interesting article of how a Wiki’s are starting to find their way into large companies  and that “They’ve become a cheaper, more flexible collaboration alternative to both overtaxed e-mail and complex groupware such as IBM’s Lotus Notes.”

With Wiki software readily available for free on that will run on Domino we can easily see how Lotus Notes will always have the upper hand. It can take on the challenge of the new ‘social’ software era with ease. With templates for blogging, wiki’s and the ability to add RSS feeds to a lot of application lotus Notes can be quickly extended to provide the features in other software packages without the cost.

So what’s next for social software…  PodCasting seems to be making waves in some circles… Who’s going to PodCast at Lotusphere this year

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  1. SlashDot thread on this developing here , with lots of swipes at Notes and Domino.-rich


  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Dec, Ed has some interesting comments on this at (especially my comments :))I wrote a little ditty on Social Software on my blog a while ago too…


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