Knowing Your Limits

One of the other notes admins ( Thanks Kev ) where I work was troubleshooting an archiving problem and came across an interesting limitation.  The user was selecting documents and using the ‘Archive Selected Documents’ option and coming up with with an error ‘Archive Operation Failed’

It turned out that the user had selected over 4000 documents for archiving and that this was well above the limit that Domino could handle for that operation. We are currently trying to find the exact number at which the limit kicks in but it’s somewhere between 2000 and 2050.

Maybe it’s time for a new limit to be added to this document that lists all of the known limits in Domino.

Update : Looks like 2047 is the magic number.  Just have to confirm it on another set of documents.

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6 comments on “Knowing Your Limits
  1. Another “fun” limit I discovered while doing some archiving was the 2 GB size limit on local replicas/archives on a MAC.


  2. Wolfgang says:

    Thx for that link.However it does not contain any information about limitations acsessing Domino via Java (native or corba).The reason is probably that this list would than become to long


  3. TheOldGit says:

    Hhhmm. Nice round number. 2k – 1.


  4. Declan Lynch says:

    ahh, but if you count from 0 it’s 2048… Now how you you archive 0 selected documents


  5. I added the archiving limit to the Domino limits page with a link back here as confirmation. Thanks!


  6. Pants says:

    but I thought that “three” was the magic number?! Who sang that, by the way…?


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